I couldn't be more happier to have chosen your day nursery. Kayla is extremely happy and always looks forward to come to you. I want to praise Birute and Dovile especially. Amazing leaders, impeccable communication, dedicated and loving their work, which is perfectly reflected in their employees and their relationship with parents. The employees are really nice, friendly, helpful and qualified. I'm not surprised, because team reflects good management. Really high level of customer service! I honestly praise and recommend this childcare nursery to everyone! Thank you very much!
Friendly team, responsibly working with children.
All the members of staff are very polite, respectful, helpful and caring. Employees work long-term, nutritious food, children are happy, relaxed and healthy.
Very happy with the communication, the development I see in my kids and everything overall. Very friendly staff, I can tell my kids like them and feel comfortable around them. Environment is very clean and very organised.
Staff are trained to create a safe, happy, funny and stimulating environment. Healthy food, lovely outdoors activities.
Dear Teachers, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great love, warmth, patience and understanding. Thank you nursery for raising me. I will remember you with a smile. Meta
To the wonderful Lietutis team, Thank you for the great warmth, care and love in raising our little ones Kotrynute and Jonukas. We wish you the best of luck! Best wishes! Deimante, Tomas, Kotrynute and Jonukas
Lietutis nursery, thank you for what you do for our children! We are leaving this wonderful and safe place with a crying heart, which was not only good for our children, but for us also. THANK YOU for your care, love, wonderful food ­čÖé and for being here for us! Masaiciai family
Dear kindergarten teachers and director, Thank you for taking care of our son Vird-E-Ali. Thanks for fostering the Lithuanian language, for the ''red soup'', for Vird-E - Ali's favorite ''morning circle'' and ''fruit time''. Thank you for helping Vird-E-Ali prepare for the next important stage - school. Thanks again - Vird-E-Ali's parents
Dear teachers, we want to thank you for your endless patience, kindness, love and care. Thank you for every given lesson, acquaintance, new skills, smiles, and most importantly - for being together for two beautiful years of Rayanukas acquaintance with the world. It is sad to leave you, but we will always remember you. We wish you the best of luck! Ryan and parents
A big and honest thank you to the Lietutis team and its director Birute. We want to thank you for the beautiful and colorful days, for the learned letters and numbers, for the emotions and unadulterated laughter, delicious food and endless caring. Thank you for helping to raise and educate our children. The most beautiful preschool days passed here, now beautiful memories will remain. I would like to thank the teachers of ''Rain drops'' and ''Little dwarfs'' who have been with us all these years. We wish you the greatest happiness and success! Ryan and family
Thank you for helping us grow. Erikas and Rokas